Protect Atrazine

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its ecological risk assessment on the pesticide atrazine.

The EPA has chosen to base the ecological risk assessment for atrazine on studies their own Science Advisory Panel deemed flawed just four years ago!  This undermines public confidence in the review process and goes against the mission of using the best available science.

Farming without atrazine could cost corn farmers up to $59 per acre, according to a 2012 study by the University of Chicago.  That is a cost many farmers can not afford, and it would have ripple effects across the entire food and agriculture sector.

Tell the EPA to base their decision on sound science today!

Protect Atrazine

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To Whom it May Concern: I am writing today to ask the Environmental Protection Agency to use sound science instead of political activism when considering the re-registration of atrazine. The draft Ecological Risk Assessment is based on studies that do not meet the high scientific standards EPA is required to follow. Instead, the federal agency used studies EPA's own 2012 Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) deemed flawed. If EPA continues to use the same false logic or endpoints as noted in the preliminary assessment, it could lead to a de facto ban on atrazine in a large portion of crop areas in the United States. Adopting this draft atrazine proposal will mean a step backward for conservation measures. Many farmers rely on atrazine for long-acting weed control on their conservation tillage and no-till fields. Banning atrazine would limit farmers’ conservation efforts, leading to increased soil erosion and fossil fuel use. Herbicide resistance is also a major concern for agriculture. By eliminating access to one of our key herbicides, farmers will be forced to rely on a smaller toolbox of weed control tools. This will increase the herbicide-resistant weed population. In 2003, EPA estimated banning atrazine would cost farmers $28 per acre. A more recent University of Chicago study estimated the value at $59 per acre. Especially in this time of low commodity prices, any slim profit margins farmers have will be erased if the EPA continues down this path. Atrazine is one of the most studied and reviewed herbicides in history. EPA is legally bound to use credible scientific evidence in its decisions. I am asking EPA to simply follow the science and follow the law. Correct the mistakes and faulty conclusions in this report.


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