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  • China: Potential Beef Consuming Giant

    China looks to be an emerging market for beef consumption; however the U.S. still remains banned from exporting to the country.

  • Is There Any Hope for Midwest Crop Yields?

  • Where is the Chinese Soybean Demand?

    Record demand in the last few years has the market nervous about any hiccups in production, but what if demand is cooling off a little?

  • Mind In The Gutter

  • That Old Familiar Feeling

    It has been a while, but the grain markets have a touch of that old summer weather bull feeling. The too wet logic is rare (see 1993) but the behavior pattern is familiar. The spec funds press the short side into the June Acreage and Grain Stocks reports. USDA shows a tighter supply scenario than ex [...]

  • Tips for Keeping Livestock Comfortable in Summer Heat

    Livestock do not need to live in air-conditioned comfort as they are well adapted to both Arkansas heat and cold, said David Fernandez, Cooperative Extension Program livestock specialist at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.

  • Crop Swap: Biggest Acre Jumps in 2015

    Nothing is constant but change, and USDA’s latest acreage reports served as a not-so-subtle reminder of that. Here are the states that saw the biggest “crop swaps” this year.

  • GMO Canola

    Kirk Kramer is a dryland wheat farmer in Washington. He recently was told by a beekeeper neighbor that he did not want to let his bees forage on Kramer’s roundup ready canola. “He explained that his production on GMO canola was near zero and it killed his bees. If my unassuming beekeeper tells me [...]

  • MarketSense Closing Market Analysis

    The markets look healthy going into the extended holiday weekend as traders build risk premium into the markets after leaning heavily to the short side in June.

  • Succession Failure

    Our near worship of family farms too often concentrates too much on farm, and not enough on family. Making the continuation of a business the most important goal of the family is a questionable priority. Multi-generation farms are based in large part on simple good fortune in reproduction and circu [...]

  • An Inside Look into Possible Monsanto, Syngenta Merger

    It’s a deal that's been nine months in the works: Monsanto trying to buy Syngenta. After two failed attempts, the negotiations have gone very public. “These are deals better done sitting in a conference rooms somewhere in the world working out details,” says Monsanto COO Brett Begemann. “But they ch [...]

  • JBS of Brazil Buying Cargill US Pork Unit for $1.45B

    Brazilian meat producer JBS will buy the U.S. pork division of agribusiness giant Cargill for $1.45 billion, the companies said Wednesday.

  • Howard G. Buffett: 'People Ought to Care About the Border'

    Farmers and ranchers along the Arizona border are facing some serious challenges. That's why Buffett and groups like American Farm Bureau are calling for agricultural immigration reform along with border security.

  • Bulls Dominate Pre-Holiday Trade

    Price trends going into the key July Fourth holiday are in bulls' favor.

  • Thank you to the Senators who did the right thing and passed TPA

    The good news is that Congress finally passed Trade Promotion Authority last week, in what may be the toughest vote our lawmakers have cast so far this year. The bad news is that TPA was the easy part.

  • America’s Best (Rural) Communities Compete for Planning Dollars

    Like many of you, I’ll be celebrating the July 4th Independence Day holiday with thoughts of gratitude toward those who serve and protect our great nation. This weekend is also a time to reflect on what we love about this country. For my husband and I, we’re grateful for living rurally and for the s [...]

  • July 4th Cookout Cost Still Under $6 per Person

    A Fourth of July cookout of Americans’ favorite foods costs slightly less this year, coming in at less than $6 per person.

  • World Dairy Expo Seminars Offer Educational Opportunities

    Wide range of topics offered over five days

  • MarketSense Midday Market Update

    Grains find good support in crop concerns ahead of the three-day holiday weekend.

  • Water for Africa--the Crucial Link for Life

    Water availability for Africa, for both agriculture and human consumption, will be constrained in the future, and investments and changes in practices must be made by individuals, villages, and government entities to surmount that challenge.


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