Current Research

Biology & Management of Asiatic Garden Beetle in Michigan
Dr. Chris DiFonzo
Michigan State University
Can we predict yield stability? Validation of the new algorithm
Dr. Bruno Basso
Michigan State University
Cass County assessment pilot project. Site Specific Review (SSR)
Michigan Gateway Foundation
Center for Excellence helping farmers help Lake Erie
Lenawee Conservation District
Evaluating performance of drought tolerant corn hybrids and herbicide efficacy under early-season water stress
Dr. Erin Burns & Dr. Maninder Singh
Michigan State University
Forecasting in-season plant available water to increase nitrogen use efficiency in corn
Dr. Bruno Basso
Michigan State University
Gibberella ear mold, seedling damping off and root rot, and responding to emerging diseases
Dr. Martin Chilvers
Michigan State University
In-season nitrogen applications using applicator-assisted technologies
Dr. Kurt Steinke
Michigan State University
Inter-seeded cover crop tolerance to soil-applied and post emergence corn herbicides
Dr. Karen Renner
Michigan State University
Management strategies to minimize gibberella ear rot and associated mycotoxin contamination in corn grain
Dr. Maninder Singh
Michigan State University
Michigan corn nematode survey and evaluation of nematode damage, effect of management practices and soil health
Dr. Marisol Quintanilla
Michigan State University
Soluble phosphorus sorption from tile drainage
Dr. Steven Safferman
Michigan State University


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